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MEGA MEDS is a free medicine management app that encourages you to track your medications through a game.

Earn rewards for tracking adherence to your medication schedule and logging the reasons why you miss a medicine dose. Then play against other users in the MEGA MEDS game.

MEGA MEDS Features

The MEGA MEDS app is free to use, works offline and requires no registration to use.


  • free and without ads
  • no in-app purchases
  • requires no registration (no email address or name; use anonymously)
  • works with recurring medications
  • works with courses of medication
  • works with ad-hoc medicines (as & when required)
  • works across time zones
  • works offline
  • clean and simple user interface
  • view daily progress
  • reminders to log your medication
  • rewards medicines logging with in-game advantages
  • rewards for logging your medicine adherence (even if you miss it)
  • game is linked to adherence and logging of medication
  • fun, one-touch gameplay
  • avatar and character creation
  • anonymous data; used for research to improve health & well-being

The MEGA MEDS app is currently in clinical trial with a NHS Trust in the United Kingdom as a study called “MAGE: Medicines Adherence, Gamification Experience”.

The study has been designed to determine whether using an app that makes logging medication fun can improve medicine management, adherence and ultimately positive health outcomes.

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